This is the section where you can write and reflect on your experiences. You will need to complete three reflections and they can be submitted online or as a hard copy. Each reflection should be a paragraph long. Below I have given you submission dates and some hints to get your creative writing flowing.

Reflection One

Reflection One should be submitted to me by the start of lesson 2 (either digitally or as a hard copy).

  • Write a reflection about the music of Animal Collective. What did you think? Did you enjoy it or dislike it and why?

Reflection Two

Reflection two should be submitted to me by lesson 7 (this may be subject to change… So keep an eye on this page).

  • Write about your practice during lesson 2 – 6 (both in the classroom and at home) for ‘Leaf House’. How did you practice? Did your practice help you improve? Would you change anything about your practice?
  • Write a summary of the our final performance. Did you think it was good or bad and why? How could it have been better?

Reflection Three

Reflection three should be submitted to me by the end of lesson 12.

  • Write about your composition, include any draft ideas or notations you wrote.
  • Last but not least, write about what you have learnt over the last six weeks. Good things, bad things and things you would change.

Write down anything you feel during the unit as it could be useful for your reflections. We will discuss each reflection in class before it is due.

Email or ask me any if you are having problems.

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