Aural Activity (Bach – Fugue in C Major)

The above video will be used along side a score (either digital or printed).

Students will learn about the structure of the fugue. The video illustrates the structural form well, and will work in conjunction with a score.

Questions pertaining to the video could be:

Q: What are the colourful bubbles in the video representing musically?

A: Trills. A demonstration of a trill could follow and discussion on the use of ornamentation in the piece.

Q: What does each stick figure in the video represent in the music?

A: A theme (This would be discussed in further detail during the musicological lesson)

Q: What does the top hat in the video represent?

A: A cadence

I think the video is a great resource, as it engages students in the music through quirky visualisations that correspond with significant musical ideas in the fugue. Rather than purely relying on the score, the video (I believe) will aid students in hearing the significant musical ideas too.

Significant musical ideas: theme and variation, ornamentation, contour and cadences (resolution). These ideas come under a variety of different concepts.

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