Composition/Creativity Activity (Vivaldi – Four Seasons)

Below is the sonnet that Vivaldi based the ‘Spring’ movement on:


Joyful Spring has arrived,

The birds welcome it with their happy songs,

And the brooks in the gentle breezes

Flow with a sweet murmur.

The sky is covered with a black mantle,

Thunder and lightning a announce storm.

When they are silent, the birds

Take up again their harmonious songs.

And in the flower-rich meadow,

To the gentle murmur of leaves and plants

The goatherd sleeps, his faithful dog at his side.

To the merry sounds of a rustic bagpipe

Nymphs and shepherds dance in their beloved spot

When Spring appears in its brilliance.

  •  Choose One line from the above poem, and create your own composition based on the line you have chosen. You should try and create a piece of music that is reflective of the line you have chosen. Think about musical ideas that you can incorporate to depict particular objects such as birds or thunder.
  • Write down a paragraph about your composition, include some notes on why you chose certain musical ideas such as key signature, rhythms, tempo, melody and harmonies to represent the poetic line.
  • You do not have to notate your whole piece but I would like you to notate the key idea. For example, if there is a 2 bar rhythmic ostinato that is repeated throughout your piece, notate it with relevant key signatures, note values and tones.
  • Your composition should be no more than 1 minute long.

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