Lesson Plan Two

Lesson Plan Two

Topic: Music of a Culture

Stage of Learner/Class: Stage 4 (Year 7)

Lesson Purpose: Students learn syncopated African rhythms

Prior Knowledge: Basic understanding of duration

Question/ Sub Question: What is syncopation?


Syllabus Outcome:

4.1, 4.2, 4.3 / LS.2, LS.3, LS.7 & LS.10


Students perform syncopated African rhythms in a large ensemble.

Students Learn About:

  •   Syncopation
  •   Ensemble performance
Students Learn To:

  • Perform syncopated rhythms
Part and Timing / Teaching and Learning Actions:

  • 2 mins: set-up, books and pencils out, students seated.
  • 10 mins: Discuss syncopation – what is it? Use listening examples and demonstrate written examples. Firstly, I would demonstrate, through clapping, a straight crotchet rhythm pattern and have students clap the rhythm back, we would then notate this rhythm on the board and copy it into books. I would then move on to demonstrating a basic 2 bar syncopated rhythm, utilising accents and off-beats, and again having the  students clap the rhythm back and notating. Discussing and defining, what an accent and off beat is would take place, before playing an audio excerpt of African drumming.
  • 5 mins: Split the class into four groups and allocate each group a set of percussion instruments
  • 20 mins:Load-up ‘O-Generator’ software, play introduction and percussion demonstrations (i.e. how to hold and play the percussion correctly), and then play through two exercises.
  • 3 mins: pack-up.
Organization/Classroom   Management:

  •   First 12 minutes, students seated behind desks.
  •   Have four students hand out equipment to reduce time wasting.
  •   Remaining time, students standing with instruments performing via the screen display.
Key Questions:

  •   What is syncopation?

  •   Data projector, laptop and internet access (or smartboard)
  •   Four sets of different percussion instruments
Learning Needs:

Designate any students with learning difficulties to the easiest rhythmic pattern part (designating students to particular rhythmic parts should be pre-determined and based on ability, so as all students can participate competently).

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